Legends, Imperial Palace, Las Vegas


The Imperial Palace, home to Legends, must have the best atmosphere of any casino floor in Las Vegas, thanks to the likes of Elvis himself, here ably supported by Billy Idol. This truly is a place of wonder.

The Legends show itself is a quarter of a century old, performed in an old style auditorium with guests sat for table service and is rightly as popular as ever. Currently compared by Jay Leno and supported by his talk show band, Elvis remains king and on our visit was joined by Barry White, Madonna, Dolly Parton and the Temptations, who very nearly stole the show. With the line-up constantly changing, some people come every year and I wish I could too. Step outside and after the show and you’ll find that Elvis has not left the building, but is happily posing for photos with anyone who cares to ask, which seems to be just about everyone.

The ninety minutes fly by – Katharine failed to finish her complimentary cocktail – with no expense spared on a production that will convince you that you really have seen the Legends perform live in Las Vegas.

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