The embarrassing Leila Deen

Congratulations to LabourList for publishing Leila Deen’s cringing attempt at a feminist defence of her gunging Lord Mandelson. Leila Deen (who claims to be attractive – check her out, but don’t bitch), peddles a silly line that if the women ruled the world everything would be different, climate change being ‘a problem created by patriarchy’.

I guess it’s natural to have an ‘if we ruled the world’ fantasy that evokes some kind of utopia and it’s probably unfair to cite Thatcher, but it isn’t unfair to point out that women have traditionally been more likely to vote Tory. An important study that provides evidence that this is changing also suggests that women are less likely to consider the impact any given policy has on Britain as a whole and more likely to prioritise the interests of their family. This implies that women are actually less likely to be concerned for the environment than men. Leila might counter that women are more nurturing, but if that’s true isn’t that only because the prevailing patriarchy has allocated the nurturing role to women and it’s very difficult to walk away from that?

I reckon these gender differences are greatly exaggerated. They make good newspaper copy if, like Leila Deen, you don’t mind indulging sexist claptrap, but that’s about all.

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