Leslie Grantham’s webcam revisited

I’m surprised to learn that I’m currently Yahoo!’s number one for ‘adult web cams’ (number three for ‘adult webcams’). This is a surprise because there must be thousands of sites offering relevant experiences and I’ve only mentioned webcams (never web cams) once, way back in May, to poke fun at Leslie Grantham’s antics. It really is weird how theses things work. Anyway. You’ll find a wide range advertised on the right.
Oi! Grantham! Leave out the webcam!

One thought on “Leslie Grantham’s webcam revisited

  1. leslie should never leasve out the webcam anyway …. he got caught in a trap when thaty whole thing happend the girkl was obviously enjoying herself
    dont tell me you’ve never had abit of fun on cam before ?

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