Lib Dems really make a difference

Lib Dem Cllrs John Commons & Keith Whitmore, Levenshulme Station supervisor Steve LambertLabour’s local election victory in a Sandwell ward the Lib Dems probably thought safe, shows Manchester Labour just what can be done.

However, Manchester’s Lib Dems can be expected to shout about their achievements loud and proud. Earlier this month they scored a major success in Levenshulme, where a street with no name is now clearly signed the ‘THE STREET WITH NO NAME’. Rather sensibly Lib Dem councillors John Commons and Keith Whitmore insisted the sign be placed high off the ground to stop the tourists from nicking it. If you fancy visiting this tourist hotspot, be sure to contact John and Keith beforehand as I’m sure they’ll happily pose with you for pictures.

And yet I’m not convinced this is such a major coup. Clint Eastwood never introduced himself with ‘Hi! I’m the man with no name’. He simply didn’t give a name. In fact he probably did have a name once, as a child say, but for whatever reason stopped using it. It is this failure to give a name that made his character so enigmatic. Had his mother turned up and revealed he was christened Dave Smith, or whatever, a bubble would have well and truly burst. Now that the street with no name is The Street with No Name I feel something is lost. The street is no longer nameless, the sign is an oxymoron.

But hey! If it wins votes, who am I to argue.

4 thoughts on “Lib Dems really make a difference

  1. Goodness. What an array of little icons. You’ll have to explain some day.

    Ruining the reputation and USP of a street with no name, TWICE, can hardly be a vote winner can it?

    Did you know that Keith Whitmore, the one in the middle of your picture, used to boast around the Town Hall of his childish japes [...comment removed...] What a fella.

    Meanwhile their one time buddy Dave Hennigan, whose uncles etc seem to own Lev, seems to be facing some local difficulties in Rochdale. More on my blog anon.

  2. Pretty aren’t they. They represent the top fifty social bookmarking services, in alphabetical order. So now you know. Click a couple and see what happens…

  3. Top 50? Phew. There are more than 50 then? The comment about Mr Whitmore’s childish japes was published many years ago (c 1984) in the journal City Life and there was no argument at that point.

    Perhaps as Councillors grow up they want to distance themselves from such childish japes?

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