Little Britain Dolls… order now: Reader offer update

Buy Little Britain dollsMy Little Britain Dolls… they’re talking reader offer has proved popular. Which is nice. However, Little Britain Dolls are so very desirable that they never seem to be in stock. You will have a very hard time finding them in the shops and there aren’t as many as you’d expect on eBay. However, you can order Little Britain Dolls here at GadgetStuff, which is what I’ve done. And I’ve chased them both as a customer and as a GadgetStuff affiliate.

The answer is that GadgetStuff are expecting lots of Little Britain Dolls to reach them in time to arrive with punters this weekend. They’re confident enough to still be heavily promoting Little Britain Dolls on their own website and elsewhere. That said, the best advice is order now. For lots of people Little Britain Dolls are a Christmas must-have and while GadgetStuff currently have a provisional last order date of 23 December, I reckon anyone leaving it that late is pushing their luck. So off you go, click here to order your Little Britain Doll. GadgetStuff won’t take payment before your doll is dispatched.
Little Britain Dolls from Gadgetstuff

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