Little Britain Dolls… they’re talking: Reader Offer

Buy Little Britain dollsChristmas is coming early and I’m jumping on the bandwagon, delighted to bring you a fabulous opportunity to get your hands on a set of Little Britain Dolls (or perhaps just the one). Not in the shops just yet, you can order Little Britain Dolls here at GadgetStuff and as you’d expect they are already available on eBay.

There are five in the set and top of the range is Lou and Andy, who I’ve now heard are named after Lou Reed and Andy Warhol. (I can see it now.) They’re 12 inches high and say stuff like ‘What a kerfuffle!’ and ‘Don’t like it! Ah want that one!’

More vocal is Vicky Pollard who says, ‘No but yeh but no what happened was, was you know the Redmond sisters, they found a verruca sock in the girls bogs and put it in Carrie’s bag and she completely had an eppy and turned up to Carmel Sharma’s party with a compass and stabbed Carmel Sharma, and anyway Shelly Bentley gave Craig Harmen a blowie in the shallow end for a bite of his Funny Foot’ or, when she’s calmer, ‘Shaddup cos I never done nuthin’ nor nuthin’ and anyone says I did is well gonna get beatens’. Enjoy.

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