Living in the Truman Show

The game’s up. I’ve twigged it. My life is the Truman Show and you’re all laughing that it’s taken me this long to twig. Your conspiracies have come undone. Over at John B’s place attention has been drawn to Ian Huntley’s innocence, with one of his commentators saying this, ‘proves my contention that the Plod may well arrest someone, but will it (they), be the ‘right’ one(s)?’

So given the complexity of this truth and of so many other truths, and taking into account that the one thing I know is that I’m not in on any of this, everybody else must be a conspirator. And as I’m the only non-conspirator, I must be the victim. The games up. I’m off to pack my bags and wait outside for your UFO to take me off this film set and into the real world. Good night!

Conspiracy theorists: what’s their agenda?

One thought on “Living in the Truman Show

  1. That Innocent Ian Huntley link is utterly weird in a scary, scary way.

    It’s incredible that people can be so completely blinded, even in the face of evidence/truth/logic etc etc.

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