London Underground to close due to overcrowding

Not really. But Mancunian commuters did go home to the equivalent story last night. It’s emerged that not only have transport ministers Alistair Darling and Kim Howells opted to scrap Metrolink’s expansion £200m down the line, but also to slash the maintenance budget. At peak time the city’s Metrolink system is so popular (overcrowded) it’s nearing breaking point. The ministers suggest easing the pressure via route closures. Mancunians must get back on the roads they seem to say, suddenly falling silent on a proposed congestion charge.

Manchester mourns end of public transport……Government batons down the hatches

Click here for the Manchester Evening News campaign to save Metrolink, which you can support by texting the word tram followed by a space then your name and postcode to 83105. Each text costs 25p plus your standard message rate. The service is provided by Cellus.

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