Losing touch

If it wasn’t for Radio 1’s Newsbeat, I’d have no idea that tomorrow’s one of the biggest TV nights of the year. With finals of Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor coming head to head. I’ve not caught X Factor at all, but I did catch the last few minutes of Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two, which happened to be on just before Shooting Stars (I’m so 1990s) on Wednesday. And it was horrific. They had the kind of covers band you dread coming across at weddings performing Evanescence’s Bring Me to Life, with ballroom dancing. All that virgin angst – ‘(Wake me up) / Wake me up inside/ (I can’t wake up) / Wake me up inside / (Save me) / etc.’ – safely converted to Muzak and set against novelty dance moves. Maybe losing touch isn’t so bad.

Virgin angst music……Who killed (Saturday Night) TV?……Killing British TV… again

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