‘Lost’ Doomsday Vault… in Norway

In the sense that nothing’s resolved the first series of Lost could not have been less satisfactory, but I’d braced myself for that. Walt’s kidnap was a great bit of television, but seeing polar bears in literature on the plane was disappointing as that points to the whole thing being someone’s –Locke’s? – death dream.

Katharine took it harder demanding we go online to find the truth. Yet it’s not the truth that matters, but how you get there and I intend to get there by watching each episode in turn, even if they make it up as they go along.

Anyway. It’s not so much Lost’s playing with the audience that’s got me writing today but the Norwegian government’s Doomsday Vault. This vault will be protected behind two airlocks and high-security blast-proof doors and will have metre-thick walls of reinforced concrete. Best of all it will not be manned, but protected by polar bears. That’s right polar bears, just like in Lost. The only difference between this vault and the one on Lost, is that the remote island hosting it, Spitsbergen, is in the Arctic. Into this vault go seeds representing all know varieties of the world’s crops, frozen at -18 degrees and ready to revive agriculture following nuclear war, climate change, rising sea levels, the end of electricity et cetera.

2 thoughts on “‘Lost’ Doomsday Vault… in Norway

  1. That is an inspired connection to make…

    The island looks a bit big to have slipped its moorings and floated away, but its the most plausible thing I have heard so far.

    Like they said on the raft – “how can something that big be undiscovered?” So maybe its not undiscovered but just an offshore Area 51.

  2. Somehow I don?t think plausibility has much to do with it. It?s more like an exercise that tests how far and for how long you can suspend disbelief. The longer you watch the more you feel you?ve invested in the project and the more generous you are.

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