Lost on C4 & on holiday

What with the V Festival and a wedding tomorrow (oh no, today), we’ve been on holiday this week (and so I’m blogging at what for me is an odd hour). However, rotten weather’s kept us from getting out so much so we spent an enjoyable afternoon watching Lost. It’s ever so American, if you know what I mean, so it’s perhaps fitting that Channel 4 has inserted so many extra ad breaks (not a defence I expect Ofcom will accept). Nevertheless, I think it’s only right and proper that Lost should be America’s most successfully launched TV export. Everything is big. Everything is fun. Everything’s fantastic and fantastical.

Everyone has a Big Secret. Today we discovered the evil-looking-guy-who’s-befriended-the-kid-who’s-lost-his-dog’s Big Secret is that he couldn’t walk before the plane crash. He used to be a friendless geek in a wheelchair whose female friend turned out to be on the other end of sex line. Now he’s leading expeditions into the jungle to hunt wild boar: ‘You three distract the mother… I’ll jump a piglet from behind and cut its throat!’

I love it! How can you not love it?

One thought on “Lost on C4 & on holiday

  1. I love it too! And there’s a not bad amount of male talent in there. Obv by talent i mean lush. Not actual acting ability.
    But the woman… Kate… is starting to get on my nerves. Simpering ‘i’m good really and oh so deep look into my eyes’ all the time.

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