Mad Detective: films reviewed in 50 words-ish

Mad Detective is just what it says on the tin and the tin contains all you might expect from a Hong Kong cop thriller; ultra-violent set pieces, lots of running around and general weirdness. But is he mad? And isn’t everyone unhinged in a Hong Kong thriller? Mad detective is a psychic who solves his crimes with the help of the multiple personalities nobody else knows they’ve got.
A good fun, but nothing new, 6 out of 10.
Director:Johnny To……Starring: Ching Wan Lau……Andy On
The Tattooist……Priceless
Mad Detective is available on DVD from from 3 November 2008 and special features include a couple of Q&A style interviews. Also included in the package is a lengthy essay by David Bordwell, author of Planet Hong Kong: Popular Cinema and the Art of Entertainment; sycophantic, long on detail and short on analysis Hong Kong film geeks will love it.

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