‘Madonna don’t preach’, say (some) fans

Madonna’s new stage act is leaving some fans cold with its anti-war messages, while others complain that not all their favourites are on show. This latter criticism is probably unfair – she’s got a quite a back catalogue now and something’s got to make way for new stuff.

Yet on the politics I’m in sympathy. I’ve already blogged on how Bryan Ferry let me down so badly. The thing is, Madge has being going too long to suddenly turn political – she’s the material girl not Billy Bragg – and this sudden conscience isn’t going to work. People thought she was a friend with a shared world view and now, for some, that’s gone. And I wonder if cancelling Israeli dates is most to do with a sudden realisation she won’t be able to carry the fans.

‘Celebrity worship essential’, say scientists……Winding up the Observer

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