Madonna’s ‘Don’t cry for me Palestina’ gets ’em wailing

I guess Madonna’s alleged desecration of the Kabbalah mirrors her previous approach to Christianity. Way back in 1989, she was upsetting people like Ian Paisely by portraying Jesus as non-white in the video for Like a Prayer (on the issue of how Jesus would have come to be born a WASP, Paisley falls silent). Paisley could get away with this in Northern Ireland, of course, because in a place where people murder each other over nuances in Christianity, race relations laws do not apply.

Nevertheless, she’s certainly spilt the Israelis. Tourism wonks have welcomed her assertion that, ‘it is no more dangerous to be here than it is to be in New York’, while (surely only extreme diehard) fans whooped it up for an exclusive new tune: Don’t cry for me Palestina. On the other hand, many others have been seen wailing a very different tune at the famous wall.

‘Madonna don’t preach’, say (some) fans

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