Manchester Passion: a beautiful day for a crucifixion

Click to see ‘Manchester Passion: a beautiful day for a crucifixion’ in a variety of different sizesWe’re only here for the theatre and there’s no denying that today is a beautiful day for a crucifixion. Keith Allen, as Pontius Pilot, is to lead the case for the prosecution against a soundtrack of top Manchester tunes: James, Oasis, M People, Happy Mondays, Stone Roses et cetera.

They’re showing a documentary on the Manchester music scene on big screens while we wait. We’re being pushed about by the crowd. There’s something of a rock concert atmosphere. I just heard a scally: ‘There’s a mosh pit down there!’

The Bishop of Manchester, Nigel McCulloch, told the Evening News it ‘is not far removed from how it must have been on the first Good Friday’.
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