Manchester public relations consultant… better than London?

Manchester public relations consultantWhenever I travel to London, it feels like going home. I went to a school, now deceased, just behind Euston Station and as soon as I step off the train from Manchester, I revert to London mode. Impatient and rushing around, perhaps unnecessarily, but with a sense of purpose all the same. Once I’m on the tube (and regardless of 7/7) I feel incredibly safe. So adapted am I to that environment, my first over ground train ride was not a happy experience. It was on the tube, but heading to the city’s outskirts when we suddenly popped out of a tunnel into daylight. I thought we were going to fall off the tracks and panicked. Had I not been wrenched out of London in my mid-teens I’d almost certainly have turned into one of those Londoners who can’t see the point of anywhere in Britain that falls outside of the M25 (to be honest, though, most places outside of great cities fail to deliver on the cultural front).

Yet I’ve chosen Manchester and spurred on by a rather light ‘feature’ on the ‘Manchester Media Maze’ that’s obviously the product of a few short phone calls from London, I’ve found myself participating in the them Vs us relationship that the provinces have with the capital. (Bizarrely, Cornerhouse gets more press in Berlin, Paris, Venice and New York, than London.) And I’ve said a Manchester public relations consultant is best.

However, the real reason I’m mentioning that blog entry on this blog is that exactly a year ago I was blogging the death of a once great regional TV industry and today I’m blogging in celebration of it’s promised revival. See how quickly the wheel of fortune turns.
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