Maria Hutchings… revisited?

Google Search: ‘Maria Hutchings’ as performed by Conservative Central Office & Essex County CouncilUpdate: ‘Racist’ Tory, Maria Hutchings, heads Cameron’s A-list
I’ve been Google’s number 1 for ‘Maria Hutchings’ for sometime now, with my pre-election warning to beware. Which is nice. It generates a surprising amount of traffic. But most interestingly, last Friday afternoon at 4.07pm I got a visit from Conservative Central Office and at 5.30pm from Conservative controlled Essex County Council.

Maria Hutchings had her fifteen minutes of fame back in February, when she verbally assaulted Tony Blair on live television. She later explained:

‘With an increasing number of immigrants and asylum seekers then the pot is reduced for the rest of us. Mr Blair has got to stop focusing on issues around the world such as Afghanistan and Aids in Africa and concentrate on the issues that affect the people of Middle England, like myself who pay the taxes which keep the country going… I don’t care about refugees.’

Yet despite her apparent nastiness, Maria Hutchings was a victim of the self-confessed Nasty Party. Her son is autistic and she was desperate to do her best by him. She was terrified her son’s special school would be closed.

A genuine Conservative Party posterSchools local to Maria Hutchings are run by Essex County Council. But when she went to the Conservative politicians with the power to help her son in the way she wished, they don’t appear to have let on about that. Nor do they appear to have tried to sell her their education policy and explained their plans for her son.

The Conservatives had decided there were no votes in helping autistic children. They reckoned that playing up to fears on immigration was a vote winner and realised that Maria Hutchings could be used to bolster that campaign. So they filled her head with nonsense and sat back as she blamed immigrants and refugees.

And now it appears Conservatives at Central Office and at Essex County Council are taking renewed interest in Maria Hutchings. Despite a leadership election and a pledge to change that’s been made many times before, those who played the race card a few short months ago are still running the Tory party. No doubt they’re eager to make race an issue once again.

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