Married couple’s tax allowance: how would you spend yours?

‘A transferable tax allowance for all married couples (costing £3.2bn and giving £20 a week to those making use of it)’
Conservative Party, Social Justice Policy Group

It’s nice to know that in the unlikely event of the Tories winning the next election, married people like me will get £20 a week in compensation, money my unmarried friends with children will not get. And knowing them the way I do, I doubt £20 a week will be enough to force them to conform to the conservative lifestyle failed ex-Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith seeks to impose upon them… and I wonder to what kind of person £20 a week would be an inducement to marry. It would be the nanny state gone mad.

Duncan Smith’s Social Justice Policy Group suggests people like me use the money to ‘volunteer in the community’, but £20 buys very little of my time. I think I’ll spend it down the pub offsetting the required rise in taxes.

One thought on “Married couple’s tax allowance: how would you spend yours?

  1. I’m so blown away by the idea that I’m already looking around for a wife so we’ll be ready to cash in as soon as the IDS-Cammo bandwagon rolls into Downing Street.

    It’s surely right that we recognise this fine institution in the tax system…

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