Mazda RX-8 ideal sports car: Naïve Marketing Strategy#9

Buy Baby on Board from AmazonCinema (well art house cinema) ads for cars have been dominated for too long by Saab’s deliberately (but no less annoying for that) repetitive offerings that communicated, I don’t know what. These ads were so tedious, they put me off ever owning a Saab (and I did once fancy the idea).

Anyway. The apparent end of Saab’s independent cinema sponsorship, appears to have opened opportunities for other car manufacturers like VW. And Mazda, who are completely mad. The RX-8 is nice Ferrari-red sports car. ‘What do you want from a sports car?’ they challenge. So I’m thinking; fast, close to the ground, noisy, two huge exhausts and small. But I’m wrong, especially on that last point. The Mazda RX-8 is designed to be big enough for all the family, so you don’t have to risk your life alone. You can have a sports car and still stick a ‘baby-on-board’ sign in the rear window to prove its not a substitute for virility… yeah right.
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