McDonald’s Indian veggie options

McDonald’s has reached out the Indian market with a string of vegetarian restaurants serving up McAloo Tikki and McSpicy Paneer, which sound like just the sort of thing that might go down well in the UK. But the McVeggie burger sounds very ordinary indeed (a patty of carrots, peas and potato). And that’s the problem with attempts to add to veggie options to the menu in the past; the veggie option has always been as bland as bland can be (although the short lived Quorn Premiere was rather good).

The main barrier for McDonald’s in relation to the veggie market though is not so much the veggie options blandness, but that vegetarians often have an understandable distaste and distrust for anything under the golden arches. The answer then, if McDonald’s is interested in this market at all, is to introduce options that meat eaters might occasionally try. These Indian meals sound like that might just achieve that.

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