McFly to inherit fans as Busted split

Popbitch reports that boybands McFly and Busted are playing up their close links. Apparently, they share the same management, McFly’s Tom Fletcher nearly got into Busted and he’s the brother of their songwriter, Matt Fletcher. Similar stories abounded at the time Boyzone were preparing to hand over to Westlife, so perhaps their record label is paving the way for Busted’s demise with fans to be shepherded over to McFly. You heard it here first.
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3 thoughts on “McFly to inherit fans as Busted split

  1. busted won’t split. they’re at the best moment of their career at the moment, they’re not stupid enough to throw it away. AND they’re not boyzone so they’re not exactly gonna copy their way out are they??

  2. WOW. Might wanna check your facts to be honest. Firstly… McFly dont have an outside “song writer”, they write their own songs, and that is now very well known. Also, Matt Fletcher is NOT Tom Fletcher’s brother. Its a coinsidence they have the same last name. Fletch [Matt] is a member of their management. Thats all.

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