MGMT V Festival 2009

Like Ladyhawke, MGMT barely engaged with their Staffordshire audience, managing nothing much more than, ‘I don’t want this to sound bad, but thanks for not going to see Oasis.’ Like Lady GaGa, they saw much of their audience drift off to see Oasis.

Fortunately, those that remained were generous. They threw themselves into to the Pink Panther theme that saw the band take to the stage and were in good voice for Time to Pretend and Kids. Oracular Spectacular is the first album that promises so much, but MGMT could not be more dissappointing — sorry to say boring — live.

One thought on “MGMT V Festival 2009

  1. well what a boring fuck you are, where you there ? i was in the arena and it was amazing they didnt have to interact that much as the music did the talking. so go get a life you boring mofo

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