Misogynist sheep attack Amy Winehouse

On YouTube viewings Amy Winehouseis clearly the most popular act of this year’s V Festival, with over 5,000 so far; at time of writing Kings of Leon come second with more than 1,100 viewings.

Perhaps more interesting are the 40 or so people who search the web for Amy Winehouse stuff to comment on. I poked a little fun at her funny little dance and ’60s retro isn’t really my thing but, to be fair, she remains a talented singer.

Everyone knew Elvis had made some very bad lifestyle choices and was surrounded by a bad crowd, but how many would mortgage their home to see him anyway? And nobody’s queuing up to slag off The Pogues’ Shane MacGowan who had his arm in a sling and chain smoked; we hate it if he cleaned up his act.

I guess there are a lot of sheep around who simply want to have a pop at Amy Winehouse because that’s the trendy thing to do… it all smacks of misogyny to me.
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One thought on “Misogynist sheep attack Amy Winehouse

  1. MacGowan and Winehouse both fall into the category, ‘artists to see before they die’. The Grim Reaper certainly seems to be having a problem finishing the former off, but surely it can’t be long before the singing car crash that is Winehouse comes to a shuddering halt. In terms of performances, The Pogues couldn’t possibly fail, could they? People know what to expect and MacGowan seems to have a strange sort of professionalism on stage. Winehouse was late on stage and (possibly due to a poorly set up sound system) was drowned out by her band. Even her weird little half dance appeared more lack lustre than usual. If I was booking artists for a festival, I wouldn’t touch Winehouse with a 10 foot crack pipe.

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