A Miss Marple for every generation

How sad that as soon as Geraldine McEwan’s finished filming the twelve Miss Marple novels the creative geniuses at ITV begin the search for a new Miss Marple so they make them all over again; just as they did when Joan Hickson completed the dozen for the BBC.

It’s as if every generation must have a Miss Marple to call its own. Sunday nights just wouldn’t be the same without one.

And yet, I’m sure I’m not the only one who can get over the idea that Miss Marple’s been done and Sunday nights are ready for something a bit more… well contemporary. Contemporary on ITV seems to mean waking up old and tired concepts with cameos from stars not usually associated with such safe and sleepy drama: like Catherine Tate. But while ITV likes to bang on about Catherine Tate’s appearance, it’s worth noting that was just before she was famous and at a time when she took jobbing roles on stuff like the Bill to make ends meet.

So let’s not film Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple novels all over again. If you want Sunday nights to stay the same forever, simply turn over to UKTV Gold and its rivals. That’s what they’re there for.

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