Morris on happiness: how depressing

The Nature of Happiness by Desmond MorrisLooks like Desmond Morris’s new book, The Nature of Happiness, is to make depressing reading, as he’s siding with Philip Larkin (‘They f*** you up your mum and dad’).

Happy people are those who had ‘yes’ parents who let them do as they liked when they were kids. So those eight to 16 year olds that run around scrawling graffiti, starting fires and intimidating OAPs instead of going to school are destined to live the happiest lives. I guess Morris is thinking of those who had some positive aspiration as children.

Either way, it does fall into the trap of telling us that our future happiness is somehow preordained by genetics or past events now well out of control. Yet even if you’re preordained to have a successful life, such thinking can’t be positive. There’s nothing more stressful than feeling a lack of control and this is the ultimate loss of freedom.

Critter puts the bad times behind himTurning to Critter. He had pretty ropey start in life, having been abandoned he wandered the streets scavenging and fighting. He’s only got one tooth as the rest were rotten and was almost dead when found. Anyway, he’s pretty content now. How so? Because while he remembers stuff, he doesn’t reminisce and lives for today. So be more like Critter: ‘Stop moping around, put it all behind you, and pull your socks up!’

Critter’s hunting, fishing & doing drugs……IQ Test nonsense

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  1. Yeah, and one more thing, as taught to me by my two cats: When you feel stressed, have a nap. If you’re happy, have a nap. If you’re sad, have a nap. If you’re in a sunbeam, have a nap. LOLOL Cats seem to think having naps are the ultimate solution to every aspect of life! Great Blog!

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