Most popular blog in the North West… fourth in the UK

Stephen NewtonStephen Newton’s diary of sorts… was a year old last Friday and the very next day was named the most popular blog in the North West in the inaugural BritBlog chart and fourth most popular British Blog. Which was nice. But I have to admit that as of today I’m down to eight overall and there are some bigger people than me who haven’t signed up.

Anyway. The first week of BritBlog chart fame has been a little slow – just one post – because I’m on holiday. Although that hasn’t stopped me responding to an interview request from the Big Issue with the news that bloggers will never be particularly influential in the UK and that blogging is a fad that’s peaked.

This diary of sorts has not evolved in the way I expected at all. It began as a place to dump personal reviews of films I’d seen, books I’d read et cetera so I wouldn’t forget all that I’d seen, read and heard (hence the tagline), but was also prompted by a desire to record the protests in Barcelona that took place after the Madrid bombing. Yet a diary of sorts it remains, with a mix of the trivial, the political and the odd review. Balance is important; no newspaper is exclusively politics or celebrity gossip, so the diary cannot be that way either. The world’s simply not like that.

And for me the blog has yet to mature. I’m not a stage where I feel I can look back on the archive and say to myself, ‘ah, so that’s what I was thinking at the time’. The last year still seems fresh. But I do have something planned to mark my blogging anniversary on 1 April (that’s right All Fools Day), so watch this space.

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