Most powerful blondes… nothing for us non-blondes to worry about

You have to count down to number eight to find the most powerful blonde man in the world and he ain’t that powerful so not much for us non-blondes to worry about.

Elizabeth Murdoch may make a decent stab at being a powerful blonde, but after that things fall apart for golden locks. The best they can come up with for second place is Prince Harry’s girlfriend, Chelsy Davy. Her power comes from her ‘Page Three looks’ and in keeping with that image, she’s boasts two key assets… but not quite the obvious, Tatler’s referring to her looking good and ‘partying hard’.

I’ve always said to Katharine that if she wants her career to really take off, she needs party a bit more. We all know that those famed in the office for their late night shenanigans really impress the boss and soon find themselves running the company.

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