MS Emma Maersk: Greens pick wrong target

The MS Emma Maersk is an impressive ship that has quickly become a symbol for international trade and a focus for criticism; much of which could not be more wrongheaded.

Green Party MEP Dr Caroline Lucas is leading the charge with some rather confusing comments, including the idea that, ‘the real cost of the goods that the Emma Maersk is bringing in should include… markets destroyed in developing countries,’ while complaining that, ‘these are the goods that Europe used to make,’ and bemoaning the export of manufacturing jobs to China.

Meanwhile the Green Party emphasises organic food even though organic almost certainly means imported. The Green Party website appears silent on organic food miles at a time when organic prawns are intensively farmed and air freighted thousands of miles, leaving a far greater carbon footprint than this slow boat from China; something that illustrates an inability to reach beyond simplistic solutions to complex problems.

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