Muddy Wellies at V Festival 2006

Click to see ‘Muddy Wellies at V Festival 2006’ in a variety of different sizesNo not the next big student band, but this year’s must have. To be fair, it’s been dry over night and today’s had some sunny spells (though it has been spitin’).
This posted via mobile via Flickr and so not so closely proofread. Click the pic to see it large (there’s an ‘all-sizes’ tab for really large).
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2 thoughts on “Muddy Wellies at V Festival 2006

  1. I have just returned fron vfest in Chelmsford and to aid my recovery from the weekend went in search of pictures from the festival. Seems this isn’t the best site for it. Ignoring your blatant, narcissitic tendancy to assume your opinion is fact, and your ignorence towards the spirit of a festival i.e diversity of music, i attempted to read through your summaries. Yet it is apparent to me that you must be a grumpy old man who doesn’t enter into the spirit of the weekend. I too had to cue for hours to get out, i too experienced the rain and slept in a muddy tent. However if i had the oppurtunity to provide a summary of the festival i would concentrate on reflecting the amazing atmosphere, the fantastic performances and the bands i did like, instead of concentrating on the bands i didn’t.
    I have also picked up on a theme throughout your comments, the ignorent branding of things as ‘studenty’. I hate tobreak it too you but if there is one sector of the community who belong at a festival its students. Since you work in stereotypes then so will i… i noticed alot of middle aged people at the festival who amongst there tents had an array of comforts and spent alot of time listening to david Gray. These ‘oldies’ in a blatant attempt to re-enact there forgotten youth where attempting to listen to bloc party etc but failed because…wait for it…there out of touch with new music so instead they went along to watch keane and mutedly tapped their feet. Sound familiar?

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