Museum of American Art, Giverny

Click to see a larger version at FlickrWell hidden by its own (free to view) gardens, Giverny’s Museum of American Art is far more substantial than it first appears.

Many Impressionist (and, I guess, would-be Impressionist artists) wanted to get close to Monet and so a colony emerged. Many were American and the permanent collection, which includes a couple of outstanding etchings by Edward Hopper, illustrates the movement’s subsequent influence on modern art.

The temporary exhibition (until 31 October) is Images of the West: Survey Photography in French Collections, 1860-80. It’s a kind of ‘while the West was won’.

Breathtaking images of, for the most part, what are now Yellowstone and Yosmite national parks for documentary purposes, alongside Native Americans pictured in much the same way, set in the context of the ongoing genocide of that people.

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