@MyLabourPoster: Tories spoof own campaign… and remind us of their failures

ConservativeHome: Burglar
Fed up with MyDavidCameron.com’s successful spoofing of the Conservative Party’s poster campaigns, ConservativeHome has entered the fray with a ‘what if these were Labour posters’ spin.

Predictably they have a go at people on the dole and immigrants, but this one — Burglar — is my favourite. It reminds me of when I was burgled back in 1992. I was out of work at the time. The country was in deep recession, but unlike today the government did nothing to lessen the impact on unemployment which peaked at around 3 million that year.

With no inheritance or trust fund to fall back on, I’ve always identified with people who have to earn their own money and have always thought unemployment the most important of economic indicators. Cameron takes advice from Norman Lamont, the Tory chancellor who presided over that 1990s recession and reckoned: ‘Rising unemployment and the recession have been the price we have had to pay to get inflation down. That price is well worth paying.’ That nasty inflation, which reduces the value of people’s savings, had apparently been caused by the Nigel Lawson, the Tory chancellor who managed the economy for most of the 1980s. What a shower!

During this recession unemployment appears to have peaked at 1.72 million, now down to 1.64 million. Labour has presided over a painful recession, but it has not been as painful as the recessions of 1990s or 1980s, because Labour has put protecting jobs first.

Anyway, back to burglar. It took the police two hours to respond to our call and one of the officers described their visit as a ‘PR exercise’. As this MyLabourPoster wag hints, the Tories put all their money into building prisons, actually catching burglars to put in them was not a priority and so the Conservatives cut the number of police right back. They had this idea that harsh punishment is a deterrent; a position that assumes burglars expect to get caught and forgets that many have drug habits that stop them worrying about punishment.

More recently crime rates, especially burglaries, have dropped back despite the recession.

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