Mylo Vs Sunset Strippers Vs Uniting Nations

It was Mylo’s turn to wear the Emperor’s New Clothes this morning on Jo Wiley, choosing Guns n’ Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine for his cover. And what a wonderfully silly cover it was, with DJ Mylo plonking away on what sounded like a cheap Casio keyboard while a real live singer (a first for Mylo) sang along.

But what was interesting was the dissing of Sunset Strippers, who used the same sample from Boy Meets Girl’s ‘Waiting For a Star’ Mylo used in ‘In My Arms’. Interestingly, Sunset Strippers claim theirs to be the only version endorsed by Boy Meets Girl. The thing is they’re both using the same formula as Uniting Nations: catchy sample (if you’re clever, two) repeat to peak and then repeat to fade. Yet Mylo’s obviously been pressing the right flesh, because while he’s being treated as a serious musician with profiles in the Guardian et cetera everyone else is written off as minor one hit wonders.

2 thoughts on “Mylo Vs Sunset Strippers Vs Uniting Nations

  1. Yeah, funny how going to Oxford University or the like, gives you cred even when you’re obviously just a pop tart! (btw, I went to Oxford Uni and I’m a pop tart so I’m not criticising either)

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