Mystery dinner at Spam Museum

Easy to install permission based anti-spam software, that puts you in charge of the e-mail you receive and works with all major e-mail programs. It’s available for FREE TRIAL nowI like to keep an eye my Museum of Spam’s press coverage with Google news alerts, but the poor old Googlebot often confuses it with the Spam Museum that opened for the love of the tinned meat in 2001. Anyway. I was intrigued by the Oskaloosa Herald’s story of a baseball team’s visit to that place which included a 14 year-old banjo player (‘this kid has a future’) and a mystery dinner. The thing is the writer, Burdell Hensley, is too busy fuming over the biased American media to provide an answer to the mystery… so of what might a mystery dinner at a spam museum consist?

I don’t do this often, but here’s a shout to Agi over at Digital Silence, because he asked for it. (You should not regard this link as evidence that Agi was bribed to report on my Museum of Spam; he reported the story solely on the basis of its news value.)

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