Nadine Dorries easy to sack?

Nadine Dorries last appeared here when she used her blog to reach out to knicker-fetishists. Since then she has worked hard to cast herself as a maverick voice of the right, a kind of British Sarah Palin. So it was perfectly in keeping for her to accept a place on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here for which Daily Mirror reckons she’s perfect but, as Ann Widdecombe explains, she should have resisted temptation.

On the face of it, the decision to suspend her from the parliamentary party is quite savvy. While it was officially taken by the chief whip, it has given Cameron a rare opportunity to look decisive. But this may well splash back on him. For a start, the last time Cameron acted decisively he was demoting Baroness Warsi in a way that led many to comment on how much easier he finds it to sack women. Nadine Dorries’ suspension will not help relieve Cameron of his reputation for casual sexism while doing all he can to hold on to members of the old boys network, no matter how incompetent.

And then there is the small, but loud, minority who would import US style Tea Party politics to the UK. They really do believe in Nadine Dorries and will rally round her in time.

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