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Nadine Dorries in Nude

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Earlier today, while discussing Nadine Dorries’ suspension from the parliamentary Conservative Party following her plan to appear on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, I mentioned that the last time I had written about Nadine Dorries was in regard to her apparent attempts to woo knicker fetishists with an unlikely tale of a crowd gathering to examine a pair of knickers that she had someone lost in a car park.

It’s fair to say I viewed Nadine Dorries’ attempts to find a new audience with scepticism. But I now have evidence that she is already succeeding.

This blog is currently receiving an unexpected boost from a raft of brand new Nadine Dorries fans, thanks to that knicker fetishist post coming third in Google for ‘nadine dorries in nude’. I don’t imagine Nadine Dorries will be stripping naked for the cameras any time soon and, to be fair, I doubt she plans a career in pornography post-IACGMOH.

But it’s worth remembering that under Rebecca Wade’s editorship the Sun’s Page 3 became a propaganda tool. There may well be an opportunity here for Nadine Dorries, if she dares. Imagine what a topless Nadine Dorries could do for her cause.

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