Naïve Marketing Strategies#1: High-Low

It’s sad to say that my parting memory of Safeway – finally gobbled up by Morrison’s – will be of rip-off special deals. Like the time I found bread that cost 55p in Tesco or Asda ‘on offer’ at £1.20 for two (or 70p for one to make the offer look good) and bought carnations at the special price of two bunches for £5, only to discover a couple of days later they were only £1.48 a bunch in Tesco!

Safeway fell for what’s known in the trade as a ‘high-low’ pricing policy; raising prices across the board, then compensating with lots of special offers designed to catch shoppers’ eyes. It’s based on the naïve notion that if you scream loud enough about the offers, people won’t notice how expensive everything else it. But people aren’t that stupid.

Naïve Marketing Strategies#2: easy4men

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