Naïve Marketing Strategies#3: McDonald’s Salads Plus

I’ve mentioned already how great McDonald’s Quorn Premiere is. But they seem to have a gotten in all of a tizzy when it comes to selling their new healthier side. Last night’s Friends was interrupted by the most naïve McDonald’s advertisement; ‘here’s some new faces at McDonald’s’, it gushed. ‘Impatient Sophie, Sensible Charlotte and Joanna who’s always late.’ Where’s the creativity in that? Katharine’s larger projects have often seen her give names to customer types – like Vera the penniless pensioner – but the idea is to help other marketers get to grips with who it is they’re talking to. You’re not supposed to tell the Sensible Charlottes straight-up that your after them – they won’t play ball – but to excite them with promises of stuff you secretly know they like.

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One thought on “Naïve Marketing Strategies#3: McDonald’s Salads Plus

  1. now, wat is that all about, going to mcdonalds for a salad is like going to a crack house for vitamins loll

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