Nelly Furtado’s David Brent dancers… what Top of the Pops was all about

Original Top of the Pops studio, Rusholme, ManchesterIt’s good to know that North West England still produces more hits than anyone else. And I reckon that had Top of the Pops stayed in this Manchester church hall, they wouldn’t be axing it this month after 42 years. (Okay, I guess it would have had to move a few miles up Oxford Road with the rest of the BBC.)

The point of Top of the Pops was to be our music show of record: check out the database.

Which brings me to Nelly Furtado and Maneater. Pop at its frothiest; a silly unoriginal (remember Hall & Oates), but catchy pop song. Watch the TOTP performance and tell me that Nelly Furtado’s dancers weren’t trained by David Brent (although, to be fair, Brent has more moves).

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