Nerds fleeced by tooth fairy

As an active Blogger user I’m one of the chosen few to get an invitation to join Gmail. I’m not that bothered, but I thought I’d reserve my name for the future (there’re lots of Stephen Newtons, you’ll be glad to hear). Each user can invite two friends to join and I discovered that people were auctioning the invites on eBay for as much as £55. Foolish geeks I thought, before putting my own invitations up for auction (until then I was an eBay virgin). A couple of days past and no bids, so I forgot about it.

Anyway. Tuesday morning came and I lost about £75 to the dentist over a broken tooth, which left me none too pleased. But that afternoon out of the blue, eBay came through with bids of £40 and £37 for the Gmails. After eBay and PayPal took their slice, I was left with about £75. I detect the hand of the tooth fairy in all of this.

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