New BBC weather graphics… ugh

Is it me or are the BBC’s new weather graphics really rubbish? We go through this hullabaloo every few years and it’s always the biggest change since 1985 or whatever.

I like to think I’m not interested in weather forecasts, but have to own up to blogging about them a few times. They’re a pet hate. But this time I know I’m not the only one. Someone rang in to say you can’t make it out at all in black and white. Bad news because people with black and white sets tend to be from the older generation who actually watch the weather. And the typeface makes it look like Sky News… hardly a confidence builder.

2 thoughts on “New BBC weather graphics… ugh

  1. I must be the only person in the country, it seems, who rather likes the new weather graphics on the Beeb. A lot of people (specially SNP people and supporters) complained about the projection showing Scotland and Northern Ireland as much smaller, in relation to England and Wales, than they are in reality – that never bothered me much, either, although i guess the change a couple of days ago is an improvement in that respect.

    Perhaps I’m just not very discriminating, or perhaps although I am broadly speaking a ‘conservative’, I am actually a lot more open to innovation than a lot of other people seem to be. I like new things and am prepared to give them a fair trial – it’s just the same with new software on a computer, it takes a little while to decide if they are an improvement on what went before; I try not to confuse the strangeness of novelty with things being ‘bad’.

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