The New Frontier, Las Vegas: implode & start again

The New Frontier, Las Vegas: all that remains is an unlit neon signAmong all the wonders, the Las Vegas strip is littered with graves like this for the New Frontier; all that remains is an unlit neon sign. It was here that Elvis first played Vegas in 1956 (breaking through as the atomic powered singer) and Diana Ross & the Supremes played their final gig in 1970.

As vast new casino resorts have opened, so many others have been demolished, often by spectacular implosion. A few are nostalgic for famous names like the Sands, the Dunes, the Stardust and more – venues where the rat pack played and Kennedy watched Sinatra – but they are very much in the minority.

While the scene seems to be dominated by just one or two huge corporations like MGM Mirage, competition remains fierce. Those famous old names were the stars of their time, but I suspect we’d find them a little lacking today, a little tired perhaps. And in Las Vegas, they don’t do renovation… just implode and start again.

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