Baby names from New Zealand

I’ve always struggled to understand the attraction of Australasia. Sure Australia has some nice beaches, but it seems a long way to go just for a bit of sun. Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey, say, seem far more accessible and cultured. Most people seem to have far more to say about the places they visit for a stopover, like Dubai or Hong Kong, so why bother completing the journey?

Of the world’s developed nations, New Zealand must be the least attractive being miles away from anywhere, but with a climate much like Britain’s.

So it’s no surprise that bored parents have taken to giving their children bizarre names, like Sex Fruit, Number 16 Bus Shelter, Keenan Got Lucy, Midnight Chardonnay and, for twins, Benson and Hedges.

(Although I should own up to quite liking Violence Newton.)

One thought on “Baby names from New Zealand

  1. Stephen,

    And the Beckhams?

    Trying to stand out, shock, gain attention are not the preserve of bored New Zealanders.

    Can you imagine the names from Finland (the most boring place I have been) when translated if boredom generates these names?


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