Next time try the Goat Major

Text book publisher with a band, Jonathan, has had a funny experience in a pub in Cardiff. He fails to name the hostelry and while Cardiff wouldn’t be my first choice for a pint, I’d recommend the Goat Major next time.

Being a publisher, Jonathan was looking for a quiet place to read and so reminds me of an unfortunate fellow who tried the same in a pub in Macclesfield some years ago. This guy took his newspaper to a quiet corner only to be disturbed by some nutter who put Meatloaf on the juke box.

It isn’t so much the music, but the nutter himself. He asks his victim if Mr Loaf is a little loud: ‘Oh no,’ says the newspaper reader. ‘It’s okay.’

But the nutter’s having none of it. He makes a show of going over to the bar, where he’s ignored, then returns to his victim: ‘Do you think it’s gone quieter?’

‘No,’ says the newspaper reader. ‘But I told them to turn it down I did,’ says the nutter. Newspaper reader nods. ‘You calling me a liar?’ asks the nutter…

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