Nick Griffin’s Question Time appearance could not have gone better for the BNP

Despite mass protests, peaking with thirty protestors entering the BBC Television Centre, the BBC today celebrates a record audience for Question Time with BNP leader Nick Griffin.

I haven’t watched Question Time in years and didn’t bother this time, as the show itself was of little consequence. Predictably the panel did all they could to condemn and distance themselves from Griffin, who today casts himself as the hero who survived a lynch mob.

The BNP entered the Question Time bear pit with nothing to lose. Their support remains small and is most likely to be made up of hardened supporters who are not at all bothered by the party’s racism. One in five Britons describe themselves as racist anyway, a substantial group to which the BNP can market itself.

The BBC’s Question Time forum has been flooded with support for Nick Griffin and the BNP is beginning to win coverage for its views on mainstream issues, like the postal strike.

This massive publicity boost will only help the BNP win support from people who feel disconnected from mainstream politics; people who lack the skills and education to take advantage of the opportunities contemporary Britain offers; people who are instinctively conservative; people who believe in an imagined 1950s style golden age when Britain was white, entirely heterosexual and women were happy as homemakers; people who are ready to believe fascism’s myths and are open its simplistic solutions.

2 thoughts on “Nick Griffin’s Question Time appearance could not have gone better for the BNP

  1. While NG continues to game this appearance and will get a transient bulge in his YouGov trousers shortly he scored 100% condemnation from all the papers.

    And for those 8 million who watched – and I think BARB figures are always a little doubtful and an overestimate at the best of times – he did look like a complete tool.

    And not in a “feck you establishment” working class way. MG is a product of the elite himself with a Con politician for a father and an Oxford degree – a Desmond as it goes.

    The man supported the Klu Klux Klan for goodness sake, denied Hitler’s holocaust for goodness sake, and he chuckled manically when he was challenged including a nasty rictus over his holocaust denial.

    The BBC were not going to no platform him and actually this things could have been much worse.

  2. As you predict, the YouGov bulge has appeared: 22 per cent would consider voting BNP.

    BNP lies like holocaust denial matter less than dishonest newspaper headlines like these: ‘They’ve stolen all our jobs’… ‘Muslim schools ban our culture’… ‘white men to face jobs ban’… ‘Asylum: you’re right to worry’… et cetera.

    British fascism has been unable to capitalise on this sentiment in the past, as it has suffered from disarray and Griffin has proved himself an effective politician by uniting the movement around the BNP, we underestimate him at our peril.

    That he came across as a complete tool to you is of little consequence: there are plenty of people who think the same of Brown, Cameron and Clegg. That his working class credentials are poor, really doesn’t count for anything either.

    Now that the BBC has decided that he qualifies for a platform, this Question Time is just the first of a series of appearances that will help make fascism more acceptable to this 22 per cent.

    I don’t think the BNP vote will go as far as one in five, but we should be prepared to see them approach double figures.

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