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It’s time to dump the blogroll; that list of blogs I’ve linked to on a whim. Not even my Museum of Spam has survived. I’ve never been one for reciprocal links or other forms of back scratching. I’ve preferred to link to blogs I’ve found interesting or that somehow illustrate the diversity of the blogosphere. When people link to me, I think them very nice and hope that it’s because they think my blog’s worth sharing with their readers

There are some very old school bloggers who seem to link to just about everyone and anyone. I suspect that’s a hangover from the days when blogs were very rare. You simply can’t link to everyone today. But the main reason for dumping it is that maintaining it is too much hassle. If you’re looking for other blogs like this, try Blogcode.

Instead of the blogroll I’m displaying headlines from elsewhere. This is simple mash-up. I create an RSS feed of clippings from various RSS/Atom feeds using Newsgator, pass the result through Feedburner and display here using the latter’s BuzzBoost feature. Ta da!

That means instead of linking to blogs, I’ll link to individual posts that I think are interesting as well as stuff from other sources. It does mean that to have a chance of appearing – take note Dave Windass of Killing Time – your RSS feed needs to work.

The latest clippings are here and there’s an RSS feed for them at

And here, for the sake of old times and in alphabetical order, is the blogroll as it stood upon deletion:
bloodshot dawn
David Brake’s
Daily Mail Watch
A Fistful of Euros
jude & trin & clazza’s reality tv
Killing time
Manchester Bloggers
Mcr Marks
My Museum of Spam
New Links
The Noggie View
Southern Bird

2 thoughts on “No more blogroll

  1. Great to see back in the feed reader ? you?ll be rewarded with a link as soon as you write something interesting ;)
    (But don’t expect a major spike in the stats…)

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