No Red Dot: turning spam into art

Today I’m an artist and a revolutionary internet artist at that. To celebrate a year of blogging here and by proxy at The Museum of Spam, I’ve created (with thanks to Katharine for the title) No Red Dot. The work is in the tradition of Found Art, which takes objects that aren’t normally considered art, places them in a frame or other new context and invites us to look at them differently.

In this case, the objects are not so much found as forced upon the artist; the work is made from images contained in spam e-mails exhibited in The Museum of Spam. That the museum’s exhibitors are spammers and almost certainly unaware that their work is on show adds to the curious nature of the piece.

The Museum of Spam was never (as some have mistakenly interpreted it) intended to aid the fight against spam, but rather to record it as a cultural phenomenon. Just as the best found art takes an everyday object and invites us to consider it (and our environment) in a new way, so The Museum of Spam transforms a message that would otherwise be deleted in annoyance (or even rage) into something to ponder. No Red Dot extends that work.

Anyway. Check it out. It’s quite cool in its way.
The Museum of SpamNo Red Dot.
Stephen Newton’s Museum of Spam……Spam: are you getting enough?

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