No water for suicide

Click to see ‘No water for suicide’ in a variety of different sizesThere has been no great rush to claim the free Harrogate Spa sparkling spring water (the original British spring water, apparently) offered in compensation for Virgin having to run our train via the West Midlands (a region I thought the West Coast Mainline passed through anyway) adding fifty minutes to the journey. We just passed a tiny airport, populated by holiday airlines, rumoured to be Birmingham.

Last Thursday was far more shambolic. Arrived at Euston to discover no trains were leaving due to ‘an earlier incident’. Somehow thankfully this turned out to be a suicide.

Virgin are masters of misinformation in these situations. Delay could be half to three hours; ‘don’t go anywhere’. Silverlink customers knew how far away the train that would make their service was. Then the board suggested taking the Liverpool train, ten minutes before confirming Manchester would run.

Anyway. Just for fun seat reservations were cancelled to add to the chaos and ended up sharing a table with posh school girls from Hale. They wanted teacher to explain why anyone would kill themselves in such an inconsiderate manner; did they not think of all the people whose lives would be disrupted by their passing?

I recieved no free water on this occasion.

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