Nobby’s Nuts: sweet chilli

Click to see ‘Nobby's Nuts: sweet chilli’ in a variety of different sizesThe rise of Nobby’s Nuts has been previously noted here with great dismay. The dry roasted are quite flavourless and the manufacturer has somehow managed to rid peanuts of their moreish quality. Perhaps this all part of the current war on salt.

Anyway. These coated sweet chilli Nobby’s Nuts are not too bad, but the Greene King IPA is looking a little dark for a pale ale.

This posted via mobile via Flickr. Click the pic to see it large (there’s an ‘all-sizes’ tab for really large).

4 thoughts on “Nobby’s Nuts: sweet chilli

  1. How can you say that about the sweet chilli nuts. My family are all mad for them and only sad that there are not more stockists – bacon are nicer though! I would like them just for the original adverts though. NOt Noddy’s – Nobby’s!

  2. ‘Not too bad’ is a bit like when you ask your husband how you look and he says ‘fine’ – you know you can’t possibly go out looking like that!! It’s all a matter of taste, however, and my family may be the ones with the weird taste buds. I did have to source them for my brother in laws wedding as they are sooo popular amongst us!

  3. I am with Mel, how can you possibly say they are tasteless, I think they are the best tasting nuts that have appeared in a long time – far better than KP with all that artificial flavouring. Your personal taste is something that perhaps should be kept to yourself.

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