Say no to 55: stop the Lib Con lock-in

Despite my scepticism the Lib Dems and the Conservatives have successfully pulled off a coalition. So determined is the Lib Con Alliance to hold on to power, they plan to raise the threshold for a parliamentary no-confidence vote to 55 percent. As things currently stand that means it would take at least 14 Tory MPs to rebel for the Cameron government to fall, assuming everybody else voted to bring them down.

But with Sinn Fein absent from parliament, the BBC points out it would take at least 16 Tories to rebel before Cameron would fall.

That means that should the Lib Dems leave the coalition — or should the Conservatives sack them — David Cameron would be free to form a minority administration and govern alone. (And what are the chances Nick Clegg would be parachuted into a safe Tory seat as a ‘thank-you’?)

If you think that’s wrong visit, sign-up for the campaign and say no to 55 percent and the Lib Con lock-in.
Update: Labour negotiator Andrew Adonis reveals gerrymandering Lib Dems wanted voting reform without a referendum.

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