NUJ saves Express Newspapers from fatwa… shame!

Daily Express: Bombers are all spongeing asylum seekersIt seems that only the last minute intervention of the National Union of Journalists has saved Express Newspapers from destruction at the hands of a baying mob.

The Express is unafraid to lie in the pursuit of hate and its sister paper, the Daily Star, was hoping to boost circulation with a daily fatwa feature likely, say the NUJ journalists who should know, to breach the union’s code of conduct by ‘encourag[ing] discrimination and hatred in our society’. NUJ members have indeed acted well on this occasion, understandably fearing ‘violent and dangerous reprisals from religious fanatics’.

Nevertheless, had they gone ahead it would have been hard to regret the burning out of Express Newspapers and it’s sad that only when faced with the threat of violence do some journalists remember their ethics.

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